Read up on Recumbents


Whenever someone mentions competitive cycling , most think of someone furiously pressing towards the finish line at the Tour de France – pressing towards the finish line on an upright bicycle that is.

People rarely consider the idea of a recumbent bicycle as another popular form of two-wheeled transportation. However, as soon as you come to realize that a recumbent bicycle is a unique alternative to a typical, upright bicycle and offers many benefits, the adventure just beings!

Recumbent what?

There are both two wheel recumbent bicycles, as well as three wheelers. A recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that puts the cyclist in a laid-back position rather than a seated position. The unique riding position of these bikes allow for less pressure on the rider’s back.

As the design of the bike allows a person to somewhat recline, the riders weight is distributed over a larger area in comparison to the seat on a traditional upright bike that forces all of your body weight to rest on your buttocks, and feet. The structure and design of recumbent bikes also tend to make them more aerodynamic.

Designed to fit you!

There is no standard recumbent bicycle. Instead, the bikes vary based on their type of wheelbase. Two wheel recumbent bicycles include a Long Wheelbase (LWB), Compact Long Wheelbase (CLWB), Short Wheelbase, Over Seat Steering (SWB-OSS), and Short Wheelbase, Under Seat Steering (SWB-USS).

The most common form of a recumbent bicycle is one with a long wheelbase. This bike is designed so that the brackets place the pedals are behind the front wheel. The compact long wheelbase is very similar, except the brackets make it so that the pedals are elevated slightly higher.

A bike with a short wheelbase places the pedals in front of, and above the front wheel. For a short wheelbase with over seat steering, the handlebars are either positioned to be in front of the rider’s chest, or so that the rider’s hands can be in an outreached position.

While a short wheelbase with under seat seating places the handlebars parallel to, or slightly beneath the seat. The high racer and low racer recumbent bikes are two other two-wheel designs. High racers resemble traditional bikes, but with a reclining seat, and allow for the rider to extend their arms straight out in front of them. They are known for generating speed, similar to the low racer which is operated inches off the ground.

Three wheel designs include the tadpole trike and the delta trike. The tadpole trike has two wheels in the front with one wheel in the back. As tadpole trikes are stable, comfortable, and easy to operate, they are recommended for those trying out a recumbent bike for the first time.

Opposite of the tadpole, a delta trike has two wheels in the back and one in the front. These can become less stable at higher speeds, and so are designed to carry more weight at a slow speed. Whatever recumbent bike design you might be considering, there are many bike shops in Lancaster PA that can meet your needs.

The biggest advantage associated with recumbent bicycles is comfort. The large seat supports a person’s entire back and neck. Depending on the steering design that the rider chooses, it allows for less strain on shoulders, arms, and wrists as well. It also gives more space for people of all sizes to freely pedal the bike without feeling constricted.

Some disadvantages of recumbent bikes include its ability to go uphill. You cannot stand up on the bike for extra strength when going up-hill as you can on a traditional bike. Also, Recumbent cyclists are less visible to those driving automobiles because they are lower to the ground. This is a safety concern. It is important to use lights and flags for visibility

On the road again!

Recumbent cycles can be operated by almost anyone and they are known for being fun. If you are looking for a new hobby, consider a recumbent bicycle. Are you looking for a way to exercise but fear that your body is limited physically? A recumbent bicycle may be just the thing for you.