Reasons Why A Bed and Breakfast is Better


Whether you are searching for a wedding venue, need a place to host a corporate meeting, or are searching for a place to get away with that special someone, a bed and breakfast could be just the place you’re looking for. Here are five reasons to consider staying at a bed and breakfast during your next trip:

1. The Authenticity and Originality

Bed and Breakfasts are unique. Chances are, you will not find two bed and breakfasts that are identical. You are likely to discover antique furniture and decorations giving it a historic, homey feel. Often they are located in dated, but restored homes and mansions on beautiful acreage.

2. Having Some Peace and Quiet

Bed and breakfasts are usually more quiet than a typical hotel. Because they are located away from areas that generate a great amount of traffic, they tend to be more laid-back and relaxed. Furthermore, they are not intended to serve entire families. Bed and breakfast getaways are more common among couples.

An exception would be a special event, such as wedding. In this instance, a larger group may stay in a suite or rent all of the rooms in the house. Regardless, there are generally less people occupying the rooms of a bed and breakfast compared to a chain hotel. This means you and your group are guaranteed more privacy to celebrate your special event.


3. The Local Employees

When you choose the bed and breakfast that you want to stay in, you are also choosing the community that it belongs too. The bed and breakfast will give you a taste of the culture that surrounds it, both historically and presently. Typically, the owner of the bed and breakfast is local to the surrounding area and will be able to assist you with all of your needs as a tourist.

If you are considering a Lancaster PA bed and breakfast, you are sure to get a taste of the unique Pennsylvania Dutch culture that so many people have grown to love. Your inn keeper or concierge will be able to assist you in discovering the many activities that Lancaster County has to offer during your stay.

4. The Value of Your Stay

“You get what you pay for”. This is one way to describe a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast. Sometimes the rate to stay at a bed and breakfast is slightly higher than your average hotel, however the value is better. The many amenities, luxuries, and the personalized feel is surely one that a traditional hotel could not replace. Certain bed and breakfasts may offer fine linens and bathrobes for you to enjoy, adding a subtle touch of comfort.

5. The Breakfast

Lastly, what would a bed and breakfast be without a breakfast? Depending on the bed and breakfast you choose to stay at, you may wake up to a continental breakfast spread, or a home-cooked meal. If you stay at a bed and breakfast in Lancaster County, do not be surprised to find that your breakfast includes a spread made of local, organic ingredients or that you are sipping on coffee made of locally roasted coffee beans.

A bed and breakfast can serve as your home away from home, all while offering a luxurious and memorable experience. Remember these many benefits as an alternative to a conventional hotel the next time you are planning a trip away from home.