Tips for Finding the Best Shopping Deals Anywhere


Did you know that in 1986, there were approximately 66,972 shopping malls in the United States? In the last thirty years, that number has more than doubled. Imagine all the shoppers spending time in those malls. A good majority of them are looking for great deals. Who doesn’t love a great deal, right?

If you’re looking for the best shopping deals around, check out the following tips that you can implement into your next retail experience:

Preferred Shopper

Becoming a preferred shopper is an excellent way to find the best summer shopping deals. Many retail establishments and premium outlets in Pennsylvania offer shoppers the chance to get on the VIP list. Most signup processes are so simple, and you’ll reap a multitude of benefits.

Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on at your favorite mall, store or outlet center? Being a preferred shopper will help you stay in the know:

  • Be on the mailing list to get updates on sales, specials and events. You’ll never again miss out on those great summer shopping deals.
  • Find out about any monthly gift certificate drawings that are being offered by retailers.
  • Learn more about in-store promotions and ways to get money back on your purchases.

Online Window Shopper


The online sales industry is booming. There are 205 million digital buyers who purchase approximately $2,960 per year online. Now, that’s a lot of web surfing and purchasing!

As a smart shopper, you need to be open to checking out deals everywhere, including the online world:

  • When looking for those summer deals, you can browse the websites of your favorite stores, malls, or outlets to see what special offers they’ve posted. Some stores, like Costco have sale items in the store, but other sale items that can only be ordered online because they don’t carry them in-house.
  • However, many major stores and outlets list their sales online. You have the option to actually step outside into the fresh air and shop in the brick and mortar store.

Word of Mouth

Many retail operations thrive off of the power of word of mouth. Think about the last time you purchased a product that you loved. Did you keep that information to yourself? Most likely you did not. Rather, you probably told all your friends about how much you love your new iPhone, Kindle Fire or perfect black dress.

So, keep that in mind when trying to find the best summer shopping deals:

  • Listen to friends. They’ll talk about what they bought and where they got that awesome deal.
  • If your friends aren’t sharing their shopping secrets, simply ask them if they’ve heard about any great deals at the local mall, outlet stores or main street shops.
  • Pay attention to social media sites. Your friends may share photos or information about their new purchases on Facebook. Check out the Pinterest boards you follow. Search the hashtag #SummerDeals on Twitter. New tweets are posted all the time!

Circular Watcher

Weekly ad circulars have been published as part of newspapers for years. They’ve been clogging peoples’ mailboxes and have often been referred to as “junk mail” – better served as wrapping for breakables when packing for a move.

However, for the savvy shopper who is looking for the best summer shopping deals, these circulars can become a gold mine:

  • Don’t throw these valuable papers in the recycle bin until you’ve properly mined them for pertinent information on the next big summer sale.
  • If you’ve gone paperless, check out online circulars like the Sunday Saver. They offer weekly updates on sales from major stores such as Best Buy, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears and Target. The best news of all is that this online circular is free!

Visit the Outlets

Get out and take a trip to some of the premium outlets throughout Pennsylvania to go on an actual window shopping trip. You’ll get the benefit of seeing special sales that may not be listed on the store’s website, while you get the chance to find some new places to shop.

Consider the following tips when shopping in the outlets:

  • If you’re on a true best summer shopping deals mission, stop by the store directory first. Plan your approach to hit as many stores as possible before taking a much needed lunch break at a nearby restaurant.
  • Bring friends along for positive reinforcement when you feel like giving up before you’ve checked out every store in the outlets.
  • Remember outlet centers have stores that offer well-known brands at everyday low prices of 35% – 75% off regular costs at retail centers.
  • Pay attention to any announcements that you may hear on the PA system. Many times sales will be promoted. Savvy shoppers will catch that information and head to the right stores.

Talk Shows

Since the advent of the DVR, most people don’t watch commercials anymore. We whizz through them and can’t wait to get back to the action of our favorite TV show. However, if you’re watching your shows on Hulu, Netflix or some other online streaming service, don’t get annoyed at the ads.

As a summer shopper seeking the best deals, you must pay attention to any commercials that you see:

  • Take the time to watch or DVR talk shows that are known for showcasing summer deals. Fox & Friends on FOX showcases some great deals on products during their weekend shows. Check your local cable listing for other talk shows that are known for promoting sales.

Being a savvy summer shopper can be an exhausting, yet enjoyable experience—especially when you come home with some great products that you bought on sale. Don’t forget to share your special steals with all your friends!