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Beauty Fixes for the Areas We Often Neglect

Beauty marketing has always been targeted towards skincare, body care, and hair care. And rightly so, since these are the parts of our bodies that are visible to others. But we have other body parts too—and they need just as much love, care, and maintenance as their more visible counterparts. And don’t get me wrong,

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Why Take Scalp Pigmentation Training For A Change Of Career

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems men face today. As they grow old, they experience hair thinning and eventually hair loss, scarring their confidence and self-esteem. While many of these men accept that it’s part of a hereditary condition called male pattern baldness, some still want to bring back their old looks and

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Yoga: Does It Improve Your Horse Riding Skills?

Is your body sore after riding a horse? If yes, this may be due to the way you ride. Horse riding requires impressive body control to help you stay on and control the horse. It’s essential to learn the proper use of your body and maintain balance not only for your safety and comfort, but

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